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This company’s back story is quite unique, and it starts in New Orleans with the devastating hurricane Katrina in 2005. The state was ravaged with extraordinary wind and rain fall. It left behind baron communities with insufficient food, water or place of refuge. As medical staff heroically worked to save lives, there was another unsung hero working intently, yet quietly in the background.

Once again tragedy struck our home front in 2017 with the arrival of hurricane Irma and the 100-year flood that overwhelmed Houston, but the catastrophe emboldened strength, compassion, and kindness as it inspired unity across the nation. Beyond that unity, however, thousands of families suffered from the lack of medical supplies and essential goods and services. Consequently, it’s in times such as these that we find adversity brings people together for a cause greater than themselves.

Finally, in March of 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic rocked not only the nation but the entire world, it became painstakingly obvious that there was a reoccurring theme throughout all the devastation. Hurting people were in desperate need of supplies, food and everyday products to help put their lives back together. The vision of serving people was now crystal clear as the CCJT founders sought a way to give those unsung heroes a platform to operate.

The founders realized that truck drivers are the “true-blue” life blood of the nation, working diligently behind the scenes of every catastrophic event and natural disaster. Through all the ups and downs truck drivers have been steadfast at every turn. The clarity in this plight was an opportunity for ordinary people to band together to make an extraordinary difference. “Be a part of the solution”, was the battle cry.


Chad E. Whetro

It was from that deep-seated desire to support others and solve problems that International Integrity Trucking, LLC (IIT) was formed. Our company was forged from a belief that the responsibility of greater good should be carried by the many rather than the few. The founders of IIT are committed to serving people, communities and companies across the nation.

Merely moving products was never the end goal, however delivering on a promise to help people by reliably distributing goods, now that is what genuinely drives this organization!